Monday, January 5, 2015

The Raiders Will Eternally Suck

I never thought I would see the day when Mike Shanahan stepped foot in Raiders HQ ever again.  Or maybe that head coaching interview took place over the phone.  Or maybe Reggie McKenzie felt comfortable interviewing him through Skype.  You never know (although that seems unlikely).

Why is Reggie McKenzie even still in the building to begin with?  He has systematically botched everything in his path. Despite being given a long leash to do whatever needs to be done or within his ability he has done nothing at all to improve the Raiders. It is still a shitty franchise from the inside out. Mark Davis has proven me wrong and Mike Silver right.  I thought Mark would help bring positive change.  All of that slipped away piece by piece.  Haven't heard or read anything from Mike Silver in a while but he did say at the time Mark would crash and burn. It's been a slow burn but the ship has been going under for some time, well before Mark even took over the job.  Mark doesn't have the first clue what to do about it and the people he turned to for guidance have made a mess of that too.

The big reality staring us in the face is no one that matters cares even a little bit that the Raiders are fading into non-existence. It's been happening before our eyes for over almost 15 years but like any immovable object such as the NFL with its bankroll of billions keeping it afloat, the ship takes a long time to sink.  The NFL is allowing the Raiders to die a lonely, dishonorable death.  Call it the revenge of Pete Rozelle.

No, the team will not get better with a new coach, more cap money, a new this or a new that. “If only…”, yea right. There's no new stadium and there never was one.  There is only a slow death until Mark gives up the ghost and sells the franchise.  It could be another 10 years of futility or another 20 until the joint powers that run the place condemn Oakland Coliseum.  It will happen eventually and the Raiders meanwhile will never have a winning season again.  Call it the Davis curse or just plain ineptitude.  Whatever it is holding the franchise back has made it rotten to the core.  No players care beyond the paycheck. Fresh faced rookies soon learn they have signed on to a doomed ship.

St Louis nonchalantly declared they will be relocating to LA and building a new stadium within 2 years.  Look how easy that was.  If anyone gave a shit about the Raiders, inside the NFL or outside, that would have already been a no brainer for Oakland to relocate.  It was never going to happen.

So pick another team to worship, overlay the tattoos, find something else to do other than proclaim RNFL. It all means nothing. Your misplaced faith will never be rewarded.