Monday, October 6, 2014

Chucky's Not Coming Back Part II

It is hard to believe it has been 5 years since I wrote Chucky's Not Coming Back Part I. That article makes the case Jon Gruden would never work for Al Davis again.

Now, Jon Gruden would not work for Mark Davis because the guy does not know what he is doing.  Mark Davis knows that too.  There's no smooth talking Jon Gruden.  Chucky is one of the most knowledgeable NFL analysts in the sport right now.  He's not about to head into a rebuilding project of this kind of magnitude.  That kind of heavy lifting is not his style.  Gruden would likely return to coaching with A) a really big salary and B) for a team in reasonably decent shape personnel-wise.  The Raiders may be able to offer A but not B.

So it's simply not going to happen no matter how many times you are compelled you to say it on Facebook or wherever else you post.

You have no idea what a pro football coach has to go through to make a team successful.  It literally can sap the life out of you.  So any coach who is smart and has the experience John Gruden does will choose his jobs carefully.  He has no loyalty to the Raiders driving him.  It's all about the conditions of employment.  Shitty stadium, shitty location, shitty players, shitty ownership, shitty franchise.  You think unfinished business means more to Gruden than the almighty dollar and working conditions?  Keep dreaming.

Also, let it sink in. Rich Gannon will never be a coach.  He too makes excellent money for far less aggravation in broadcasting.  Besides he has already said he will never be a coach (due to his temper).

Thank Odin, Mark Davis is bright enough not to consider Mike Holmgren.  His days are over.  Thanks but no thanks.

The only storyline worth watching right now is Jim Harbaugh. I thought he would be the guy the first time around.

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