Sunday, September 7, 2014

Schaub Would Have Been a Better Choice Against the Jets

Derek Carr should not have started against the Jets today.  I know it’s too easy to say now that the opening game went the way it did and shove it out there as some kind of magical analysis but it’s true.  The rookie didn’t play poorly but he was unable to be the catalyst for clutch plays.  If you look up the definition of QB you will see a lot of traits.  Leader, big arm, etc.  The one intangible you have to have is being able to get it done.  We see flashes of that with Carr and we all want to see more of what made him so great at Fresno State but the reality is you want a veteran QB in these situations.

What situation is that?  Leading drives against a mediocre, BEATABLE Jets team.

The Jets did everything they could to beat themselves today.  Bad penalties, an interception in their end of the field.  They didn’t play horrible overall.  They had a few big plays on offense and defense that determined the outcome but any way you look at it they played barely well enough to win.  This was a game the Raiders could have taken.  I can’t believe I’m saying what they needed was Matt Schaub but that just might have been the right call.

How can I say this to you with a straight face? Did you see what Derek Anderson did today against Tampa Bay?  Yes, that Derek Anderson.  If you recall, Anderson rose to the top of the mountain with excellent seasons, earning All-Pro.  Then he went rock bottom.  Sound familiar?  It should because that is where Schaub is now.  There is nothing Derek Anderson can do that Matt Schaub can’t.   Anderson made key throws as a Carolina Panther to beat the Bucs today filling in for injured Cam Newton.

That's how I can say with a straight face we needed Matt Schaub on the field today.

By now we all know Dennis Allen is not the right head coach to lead the franchise.  That is a given.  Regardless of what you think of the play calling and offensive coordinator Greg Olson, the pass rush, defensive coordinator Jason Tarver, they do the best they can.  It’s just not good enough.  We already know this.  What a good game planner needs to do however is strategize about giving their team the best edge.  This coaching staff didn’t get it right today.  Obviously they thought Carr beating up on a Seahawks team in the final preseason game (when nothing mattered and they let the game slide) warranted giving Carr the start.  Many Raiders fans agreed with this decision but ultimately, a veteran QB would have been better suited to make the clutch throws on opening day.

Think about it.  They are already paying the Schaub the bucks to be a leader.  He already made the team.  He NEEDS a confidence booster.  What would you have to lose other than the guy doing a face plant and then having to go with Carr regardless in the second half?  This coaching staff did not look at the intangibles Schaub brings or maybe his tendonitis is really that bad where he couldn’t go (though if that were the case he would be on IR which he is not.  He is listed as probable.).

It is just one game but now we are in familiar territory of facing snowballing losses if the team loses confidence.  Play Schaub and let’s see if he has some key throws left in him.  Let Carr develop but not throw him to the wolves so soon.  And if both guys aren’t an answer we’ll be seeing Matt McGloin again real soon.