Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Derek Carr to start as a rookie - Why are we having this discussion?

Is it news to anyone that bullshit has legs?  It seems everyone's favorite topic these days is Derek Carr's chances of starting as a rookie.  Can he?  Sure.  Will he?  Probably not.  It would be very irresponsible of the Raiders organization to throw the kid into action.  The reasons why are numerous.  The first is, there is no pressing need to do so.  While this is a make or break year for the Dennis Allen era and quite possibly the reign of Reggie McKenzie as GM, such a move would make no sense.

Geniuses that this Raiders brain trust is, they brought in a struggling Matt Schaub at a nice 10 mil to lead the offense. Whether you like him or tolerate him or hate the idea, Schaub is the starter based on his years of experience in the league and the size of his contract.  Carr is an excellent prospect.  You don't throw for 5000+ yards in college and not come into the NFL with high expectations.  It's just too soon to depend on that potential.  That's how rookies get destroyed.  Too much too soon. The only way Carr gets playing time is if the Raiders coaching staff is up against a wall and throws caution to the wind.

My theory runs contrary to what pundits (people who get paid to theorize) are saying. NFL pundits say to look for Carr to assume the starting job by October or November.  It's entirely possible but consider this - what happened to the promise and confidence the coaching staff once had in Matt McGloin?  Granted, the NFL is take no prisoners.  You can be a hero one day and a goat the next.  McGloin had a notable rise from unheralded free agent to starter mid-season last year.  Yet, this coaching staff seems to give up on players as soon as things don't go their way.  In other words, this coaching staff is full of shit and has no idea what they are doing.  They are flopping around for answers and will try anything to get wins. If it comes down to getting a win or player development, eking out a rare, precious victory will get the nod.

A policy lacking QB development is why they gave up on Terrelle Pryor and why the coaching staff has not been successful except in a handful of games here and there. To me, this coaching staff has shown such inconsistency in their methods it is obvious they are desperate.  There's an old saying, never let them see you sweat (ok, that is from a TV commercial).  It's true. If you are desperate, don't show it.  You look stupid when you are obviously desperate.

So where did these Carr to start rumors come from in the first place? As near as I can tell, an NFL reporter named Albert Breer maintained that the Raiders brass and/or coaching staff held the "belief" Carr could compete for the starting job.  Other writers ran with it

In fact, NFL writer Chris Wesseling put Carr as his number 1 "plug and play" possibility for the upcoming season based on Breer's report. 

1. Derek Carr, QB, Raiders: The team's brass has billed Matt Schaub as a franchise savior on par with AFC West icons Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers. The contract suggests the Raiders can bail on the experiment this season. The film from Schaub's last 20 games shows a rapidly regressing quarterback broken beyond repair. Oakland views Carr as the field general of the future. By Halloween, it should be obvious that he's the best option in the present.  

Are you fucking kidding? What Raiders brass or coach made such a statement that Carr was a franchise savior in the mold of Peyton Manning?  Being compared to Phyllis Rivers is equally as absurd. The kid has yet to take a single NFL snap.  My guess is no Raiders brass or coach made that statement.  It's just too ridiculous, even for the clowns currently inhabiting Raiders HQ.

Everyone already knows Schaub is a few INTs away from the downside of his career. Regardless, you don't cut a QB mid-season after bringing him in allegedly as the savior - and then saying so to the media as if signing Schaub is something for Raiders fans to get stoked about.  Cutting him mid-season makes you look desperate AND stupid.  Though this Raiders brass could very well fit that bill, why show it?  NFL writer Chris Wesseling is just wrong in his assessment.

Instead, we have some clarification from Raiders brass.  Specifically, Joey Clinkscales, Raiders Director of Player Personnel who said Schaub is the starter.  Carr is there to learn.  

At least that is the plan for year one.  If the season falls apart, the Raiders will have a difficult decision to let Carr get some playing time or risk a terrible rookie experience for him.