Sunday, December 1, 2013

Raiders @ Jets - A Winnable Game for Oakland?

Jets versus Raiders is always an entertaining matchup.  These two teams on opposite coasts have historically managed to thrill us with great games since the AFL era.

Even though the Raiders don't have much to play for except their own jobs, they will arrive in New York (or New Jersey if you prefer) with an excellent opportunity for a win this Sunday.  The Jets most definitely have their jobs to play for. Rex Ryan's job is on the line.  He may be gone regardless with a new GM looking over his shoulder unimpressed with the team generating a total of six points total over the last two games.

The Jets have QB issues to deal with.  It is hard to figure how the Jets have managed to defeat two of the best teams in the NFL this season - New England and New Orleans. It just goes to show that anything can happen under the right conditions. Still, the reality is Geno Smith is not getting it done so either Matt Simms will get the call or veteran David Garrard will have to show what he has left.

If Matt McGloin starts at QB for Oakland then this will be his opportunity to nail down the job for the remainder of the season.  Even with Pryor's injury, McGloin has to continue to earn the job, not just because he is last man standing.

Both teams have aggressive defenses but the Raiders have shown an ability to make big plays, even with a few close contests, they have done some good things on defense.  The Jets haven't done that of late.  That doesn't mean they won't come alive.  The Jets are fully aware they really need to bounce back. You have to believe the Jets will play inspired football in their home stadium.  If this was on the road it might be different but Jets fans are brutal and will be on their back with every bad play.  Raiders fans are known to unleash the boos but New York fans are a lot more harsh.  They don't hold back.  I just can't see the Jets folding up and letting themselves be embarrassed.  This will be a close game.

It's been a while since I called it last time.  I'm calling it again.  Oakland will win it's fifth game of the season this Sunday.