Sunday, September 1, 2013

Another Memo to Mark Davis: The Fat Lady is Singing

I know everyone is tried of hearing my criticism of the Raiders.  I'm tired of writing it so I have resisted posting for a while.  I can't believe how my faith went from relief upon the transfer of GM power to Reggie McKenzie to almost zero over the last year or more.  The Raiders have ceased to be a franchise in my view.

The cap situation and bad contracts bequeathed by Al is all understood. I just don't think ol' Reg has done a good job at all in creating a roster that can compete.  I don't think the guy has brought in the necessary talent to compete.  I wish he did but he hasn't.  I find it hard to believe a guy with his experience in a front office has failed that badly.  I have absolutely no faith at all the Raiders will win more than 4 or maybe 5 games (again) in the 2013 season.  That may even be overestimating. Watch how many more games the Chiefs will win this year after being the very worst last year.

The Raiders have a shitty head coach, a less than impressive coaching staff, a sub-par roster on all fronts.  I think Reggie bit off more than he can chew. Mark Davis needs to capitulate the franchise, sell and have the new owners move to a better market, away from the ass dumper of Oakland, away from this horrendous embarrassing display.

If I eat my words, great. I just think the Raiders have regressed below expansion team status into non-existence.  There's no where else for them to go.


Raider Fan since 1972 said...

The Raiders have become the most popular franchise in NFL history because of their rebel image. Many people want to tell those with authority over them where to go (it's an ego thing) and the Raiders personify this ideal. If Mr. Davis sells out to "The Man" (as personified by NFL Corporate) those fans will just disappear. Unlike other teams' fans that will move to other teams as their circumstances change, Raider fans love the ideal more than the game.

Al's Wingman said...

I agree with the above poster that the rebel image is important to the fanbase but in today's NFL that really has no meaning. If the team cannot live up that image then it is just faceless. Now it is all about remaking the franchise just to survive. I think they have run their course in Oakland. New fans await them wherever else they end up. It is true, it is all about corporate identity now, same as every NFL team.