Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Comparing the Chiefs and Raiders Rebuilding Processes

I can’t say I followed Andy Reid’s career closely over the years but I have wondered how he held onto such a difficult job in Philadelphia for so long.  He has got to have nerves of steel to cope with that nutty fan base. Philly is a city so sports low on patience they once booed Mike Schmidt. How can anyone boo Mike Schmidt?

Thankfully, he probably won't need as thick a skin in KC as he needed in Philly. I think Reid is just what the Kansas City Chiefs need as head coach and architect to re-invigorate the franchise.  It remains to be seen how the Chiefs do on the field but in terms of infrastructure, I really like all of his hires. Reid has made calculated coaching hires and personnel decisions that fit together pretty well. I especially applaud his hiring of Chris Ault as offensive consultant. Not that Chris Ault is a mastermind but he is an innovator with an accomplished track record. The Chiefs will now benefit from his experience.

Now, consider that this has all taken place over just a few months time, coming off a season where they were the worst team in the NFL.  How would you compare the way the Chiefs have rebuilt in less time than the Raiders are in the process of doing?

I completely understand the Raiders salary cap constraints which have been talked to death by now.  I completely understand the mess Al Davis bequeathed his non-football-knowledgeable son Mark. I completely understand Reggie McKenzie being a rookie General Manager and his rookie hire of rookie head coach Dennis Allen who continues to make very rookie-like mistakes.

I understand at this point the Raider Nation has no choice but to give Dennis Allen time to grow into the role. That is what his boss, Reggie McKenzie, is doing and that is what team owner Mark Davis has stated the plan of action is for the foreseeable future.

But the NFL is a win now league. So if I was in Dennis Allen's shoes, I would be looking for a home run hire to score points.  I'd look for someone to add to the coaching brain trust who can help shape the focus of where we want to go in as short a time span as possible. Surely DA knows he can't do it alone or rely on his mentor and good friend John Fox with the rival Denver Broncos. Does anyone else find it ironic how the Broncos and Raiders are not bitter enemies so long as those two guys are head coaches of those teams?

Yet, DA's reliance on his own network failed him with the hire of Greg Knapp to run the offense in year 1 of his reign.  Now, a reliance outside his network seems to point in the same direction for year 2.

I do not agree with the hiring of Greg Olson as offensive coordinator.  Why?  Because Olson has held that role before in the NFL and has not stood out as a difference maker.  You need guys with the kind of experience who can turn a weak program into a competitive program quickly, not mediocrity.  You need guys who have seen it before and know what to do. I am tired of Dennis Allen’s “we’ve got to get better” statements.  Oh really?

A previous post of mine tosses out a few ideas. Maybe these guys are not a good fit or maybe too high priced, who knows.

Terry Shea is a proven asset to coach QBs. Jim Tressel is a bona fide winner. Jeff Tedford is still available. These guys would help solidify the direction of the offense. Instead, Dennis Allen went with just another guy named Greg.

Apparently they feel the Mad Chemist, Jason Tarver, is all they need as a defensive brain trust.  I will leave that one be for now.

The Chiefs are on track to go from league worst to the middle of the pack. The Raiders just seemed to have re-tooled their roster with different names with different salaries along with a few minor coaching changes. It is wait and see of course but where do you honestly think the Raiders and Chiefs will end up in the standings in 2013?

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