Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Raiders Long Range Plan is Moving in Slow Motion

If recent speculation is true the Raiders are bringing in Vince Young for a workout, I am all for it.  Vince has made his share of mistakes on and off the field but like anyone, he deserves another chance.  Why not?  It's obvious by now, the current regime is not liking everything they have seen from Terrelle Pryor and have given up on him.  Pryor is seen as an Al pick and therefore, will serve out his contract and be released as weill Carson Palmer on whatever timetable.  Vince Young just might have learned his lesson and the guy can play.  Remember, he was a pro bowler in 2007.

Then again, Carson Palmer has made the Pro Bowl a few times as well.

A recent published interview with Hue Jackson revealed that before Al Davis expired, he offered Hue the General Manager position. There is no reason to doubt Hue on this. It explains why he stated in a press conference (when he was still the Raiders' head coach) he intended to have more influence in personnel decisions and why he was the point man for the Carson Palmer trade.

Had Hue taken the GM job it would have been far more disastrous for the team. Hue is a capable coach but does not seem suited to take financial responsibility for a franchise.

Fortunately, Hue passed on taking the GM job but unfortunately, lost his head coaching job as a result. His one act while in the capacity of pseudo-GM did not pan out. As we all know, the Palmer trade has not paid off a return on investment. The only upside is having a veteran QB capable of running an NFL offense.

Now with Reggie McKenzie running things upstairs, with all of the other cap moves and not re-signing all of their of free agents, what we are looking at is a complete rebuilding effort. Realistically, you can't do that in a single season or even two.  It happens over the span of at least 3-4 years. This is likely what Reggie had in mind all along and probably why his contract as well as Dennis Allen's runs for 4 years.

It also seems reasonable Reggie and Dennis expect this as part of their long range plan.  It does not make anyone happy but with other teams in the division on the upswing (including the Chiefs who were the worst team in the NFL last season), it's just going to keep getting tougher to come by wins.

What this amounts to is a lot of opportunities for rookies and free agents to win jobs.  This could be a good thing.  The bad news is you need an entire team of them to overachieve at an NFL level week in and week out.

The Raiders are looking at another 4-11 or 5-12 season in 2013.

You have to wonder if Mark Davis will think long and hard about the big picture. Thus far he has struggled to make a decisive decision one way or the other. I get the sense he will go with a status quo.  He has not (yet) pulled the trigger on hiring an executive for Reggie to report to and add the extra balance in weighing the tough football decisions.  Though he interviewed some well known candidates for that job.  Maybe that hire is forthcoming after the draft.  As it stands now, it sure looks like Mark is taking some time growing into the big chair, unfortunately, just as Mike Silver predicted he would.

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Michael Beebe said...

This is one of the best articles on rebuilding the Raiders I have read. Every superbowl team gutted themselves for 3-4 years after their current management arrived (ie. San Fran, New Orleans, New England, Colts, Bears). Albeit this list spans over a decade, but they.took their time I'm their own rights and built something special.