Saturday, March 16, 2013

Why the Raiders Need Vince Young

It's really simple.  Carson Palmer is a medical disaster. Remember what finished him off last season - a savage sack that damaged not just his rib cage but a lung.  Think of the many other injuries Palmer has suffered throughout his career.  He is a warrior, probably on the same scale as Favre, but he does not have the same track record of clutch plays as Favre. Palmer has limited mobility at this point in his career.  He has the ability to throw for yards but all it will accomplish is him finishing out his monstrous contract. He's not going to lead the team to the playoffs.  He's just a physically degenerating NFL QB.

Terrelle Pryor does not seem to have impressed Dennis Allen or Reggie McKenzie thus far.  He too, is just finishing out his contract. What I find really odd is Pryor hiring QB consultants on his own to help him develop and get ready for training camp.  To me it's a statement Pryor has not been given the level of professional training needed for him to succeed as part of the team.  The Raiders have been deficient for many years in developing their QB talent.  Some guys deserved to wash out (like JaMeatloaf) but other guys could have developed into something better and didn't (such as Andrew Walter) and now possibly Terrelle Pryor (unless he makes a big splash in camp).

Even without Al pulling the strings, the Raiders are still in the pattern of plugging in the big, strong armed guy (like a Kerry Collins, Jason Campbell, Carson Palmer, Marc Wilson, Jay Schroeder, etc.). There is always a place in the NFL for the big arm guy but the intangibles of the game right now are better served by a QB that can improvise.  Terrelle Pryor has that potential but we don't know where he will end up as far as playing time

The fact is when a mobile QB is utilized, you have more options. When he was on his game in his prime, Ken Stabler set the standard for this in his era. That is what I think of when I think of Raiders football.  I don't think of Plunkett's wobbly passes.  I think of Stabler and how he got his nickname "Snake".  That's how he ran through defenses and avoided sacks.

I am thinking right now, Vince Young is a good solution.  I also think if Young's head is screwed on right, he can be a mentor to Pryor.  The problem as I see it as I don't think either Young or Pryor is a Dennis Allen kind of guy, whatever that may be.  To me, DA is extremely generic, kind of like cardboard. I just haven't seen or heard anything from him in the way of actual analysis or proposed strategy.  He bullshits us with attempts at coachspeak but it is flat and just horribly contrived statements of nothingness.  At least Reggie McKenzie says something tangible.

I'm curious how much different DA will be in year 2 as head coach.  I don't see guys like Vince Young or Terrelle Pryor able to fit into that cardboard world of DA as well as a guy like Carson Palmer who is adept at being cardboard himself.  Cardboard relates to cardboard very well.  Hey, if I was making 10 million or 12 million for my efforts, you bet I could be cardboard too if need be.  This is where Carson Palmer has us all beat.

Real change is not around the corner BUT... I will consider buying season tickets again for the first time in a few years IF Vince Young is brought on and wins the starting job.


Best Damn Raider's Fan said...

Dude, you're trippen, I mean, Are you really trying to think win now? Cuz there's no way we can do that. U gotta get outta that Al Davis Era, and that's What Mckenzi is doing. We're not gunna pick up big names, and we're not gunna make any big moves, Last year and this year are pre-rebuilding years. Next year will begin the official rebuilding. To take a guy like Vince Young and spend money and sign him to a multi year contract, MISTAKE, and an Al Davis Move. Young's a Bum dude. Let palmer finish out his year. Even if we could make moves to win more games this year, there's no moves we could make to beat out the broncos and chiefs. It would all be a waste of money, which is a waste of future free agency which is more al davis destruction being inflicted on the team. And if you have faith in Mckenzi, shouldn't you have faith in DA. Mckenzi LOVES him.

Best Damn Raider's Fan said...
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Al's Wingman said...

A one year contract at veteran's minimum would be fair.