Friday, January 18, 2013

Reggie's Comments are Out of Whack

Like most of you I tend to read what local beat writers have to say about the Raiders.  A recent piece by Vic Tafur on caught my attention.  I could not believe what Reggie McKenzie said regarding Dennis Allen's handling of the Zone Blocking System.

“I was proud the way he identified the issues and attacked them,’’ he said. “He didn’t just continue to run this (zone-blocking) offense … He stood up and said, ‘OK, we’re going to make a change.”

When exactly did the Raiders stop using the ZBS?  After the season ended? Firing Greg Knapp solves only part of the problem.  So how exactly did DA attack this issue and solve it if both Reggie and Dennis Allen were behind the ZBS?

What you are really saying Reggie, is that it took you guys all season to figure out the ZBS was a mistake.  You are supposed to be the football expert at Raiders HQ.  You were hired to understand the team's personnel, hire a head coach and sign off on a coaching staff that would match up a strategy that suits the talent on the roster.  Yea we get the need to build for the future but also, make decisions based on the present.

Why did you hire Dennis Allen if it's ok to not understand our flagship running back is not suited for the ZBS before the season even started?  Did you not see that he was successful without it?  You were hired, Reggie old pal, to make that analysis when you were hired, not after a blown season.

Proud of Dennis Allen?  Ok, coaching in the NFL is a hard job and the guy is a rookie head coach.  BUT, if all the guy brings is his faith, a choir boy mentality and ZERO personality (you know, not the kind of personality that players can step up and really want to play for) then what justifies bringing in Allen at all?

We understand the franchise is in deficit spending mode, the salary cap situation forbids us from loading up on talent and replacing dead wood like Carson Palmer. But please, Reggie old pal, get it straight on how this team should be led.  If this is a 5 year plan then maybe DA will pan out.  Right now, this is looking like a crash and burn for another season.  That is something the Raider Nation does not deserve.

Darren McFadden is going to walk away after the 2013 season when he is a free agent.  Why keep him if he clearly does not want to be here and we need the draft picks or at least comparable talent in a trade?

Step up to the plate Reggie.  It's your move in the house of cards on Harbor Bay Parkway.

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