Sunday, October 21, 2012

Raiders win due to Chad Henne's lame performance

A win is a win but it is worth noting the Raiders were powerless to stop Jags QB Blaine Gabbert before he injured his shoulder.  Gabbert is a good prospect at QB but he has not enjoyed many great days in his NFL career thus far.  He was rolling along before being injured. Combined with the loss of excellent RB Maurice Jones-Drew, the Jags had limited offense.

The Raiders won due to Jags backup QB Chad Henne's inpetitude and the Jags OL not performing up to task.  Henne has been an on again, off again type of QB in his NFL career.  Today he was way off.

The Jags defense played excellent for the most part.  It took everything the Raiders had to scratch and claw back to tie the game late in the 4th quarter.  It was only because of many three and outs for the Jags offense under Henne that enabled time management to swing in Oakland's favor

Carson Palmer is not a great QB.  His best days are behind him.  Actually, he has not done much since 2007.  He's a gritty guy and surprisingly resilient so he may very well be one of those crusty veterans with just enough left in in him to bring the Raiders to .500.

The running game is mostly Mike Goodson now.  Who would've thunk in training camp things would turn out this way.  Goodson is unquestionably the go to guy.  McFadden is better at catching out of the backfield. He may break one every now and again but he's not doing too well as a straight ahead runner this year thus far.  Marcel Reece has all but disappeared in his pass catching role as of late.

The young receivers are playing pretty well, all things considered. 

We all know Knapp is crap but don't expect a change any time soon.

A win against the Jags is not much to build on, especially when the team looked much better against Atlanta last week.  The Falcons are supposed to be a much better team than Jacksonville.

Bottom line is this Raiders bunch is in re-building mode under Dennis Allen and Reggie McKenzie. Nothing is going to ignite a playoff run. Though, it is entirely possible the Raiders will earn back to back wins for the first time this season against the Chiefs next week. Let's not forget that most everyone thought the Jags would roll over. Instead, they came into Oakland Coliseum and dominated until their first string offense suffered injuries to key players.  If the Chiefs are anything like the Jags, they just might have the same sort of success, especially playing at home.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oakland Raiders critics are saying everything we already know

How quickly the fickle fans turn ugly.  Last week, the Raider Nation was riding high after a hard fought and deserved victory over the hated Steelers at home.  The following week a harsh loss to the Donkeys deflated the Raider Nation faster than a bad fart chokes everyone on an elevator.

Let's face it.  The Raiders simply do not have the manpower to seriously compete week after week in the NFL.  The last decade has proven that.  A coaching turnover won't change that right away.  A roster turnover won't change that right away either.  Really, the Raiders are kind of like an expansion team right now except for the fact they play in a concrete slab of a facility built in 1966.

Let's look at the team's lone victory out of four tries thus far this season.  The Steelers defense is not much without James Harrison and Troy Polamalu.  With those two guys out, the Raiders run game was successful.  If you notice, the Raiders run game has not been successful against anyone else thus far in the young season.  That is because of a weak OL. It does not matter what system they run.  Call it a zone blocking scheme or call it whatever. The OL is second rate.  There is no disguising that fact.

As for the passing game, Carson Palmer is starting to throw with a lot better accuracy than he was the first two games. He is finding his rhythm and Greg Knapp, as beleaguered as the guy is, wasn't at fault for the team's offensive woes in the second half against the Donkeys.  Palmer just needs some more reliable targets.  Brandon Meyers has stepped up at TE and we need that.  However, we're past the point where they woulda, coulda, shoulda picked up some veteran talent at WR.  They are stuck with developing their young players.  As we are finding out, receiver is a very tough job out there.  You can get your head taken off so finding guys willing to step into that seam and make plays are going to have to emerge for the passing game to get rolling.  Thus far it has been inconsistent finishing completions in the red zone.

The running game just isn't doing much unless we get McFadden in open space.  When in doubt, find ways to get it Marcel Reece.  The man has some wheels.

It sounds simple to say but it's true.  The longer the offense sustains drives and finishes it off with points, the less time the defense is on the field.  The Raiders defense is having serious problems.  The strength of the unit was supposed to be the DL.  Instead, the DL is getting mauled.  Richard Seymour has been invisible until this week when he talked to reporters and tried to convince us things aren't as bad as they seem.  Yes they are Big Dick.

I don't know if it's true or not but it sure looks like Big Dick Seymour is pretty much done for his career. He is not looking like the force he once was.  Maybe because his knees are giving him problems. In fact, barely anyone on the DL is playing well enough to stop the damn run.  I haven't looked at the stats but based on what I see, only Lamarr Houston is pulling his weight.

I don't even want to hear about the secondary.  There is no other way to describe it other than they are getting eaten alive.  Linebackers are not faring much better.  Though, if we have to pick an all pro candidate at this point on that lackluster unit it would be Phillip Wheeler.  He is making some plays and doing it in fine style.

I don't anticipate the bye week is  going to make much difference heading down to Atlanta to face a tough Falcons squad next weekend.