Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I stand corrected. Jano DOES get laid

Isn't that amazing? This proves there are all kinds of women in the world and one of them must have gone for Jano. She not only married him, she just gave birth.  I never would have thought it possible for a woman to go for Jano - ever, unless he paid for it. Not just because of his past with GHB (a date rape drug), his numerous arrests for anger management issues and his other legal entanglements. 

I'll cut him some slack even though Jano is King Ugly and has no personality to speak of.  I won't harp on my opinion she got with him for the money. Some women would do anything for financial security BUT, like I said, I won't harp on it.  Maybe he is a handsome man in her eyes.

Even more surprising is that incredibly shitty song Ice Cube rapped as the so called Oakland Raiders anthem.  Sponsored by Pepsi?  Did someone write that piece of shit song and then Ice Cube just collected a check? You have got to be kidding.  That song sucks VERY SERIOUS ELEPHANT BALLS.  I won't link to it from here.  You'll just have to find it and listen to that piece of shit yourself.  I am not a fan of hip hop music but there must have been plenty of other choices. Who chose that song and why?  Raiderhed would have been a good choice but whoever made the decision must have wanted to pay Ice Cube.

Onto roster matters, the coaching staff has been bringing in recycled players to fill needs at CB and LB.  If they had options they would also bring in more receivers and tight ends too.  By next year most of the entire roster will be different than it was in 2011.  Not a bad thing. Any new coaching staff and GM will try and reshape the roster.

Change is good but sorry to see Jamie Cumbie get waived/injured.  He has a bit of a troubled past.  At Clemson he punched a kid out and hurt him very badly.  A drunken mistake that cost him graduating college, got him booted from the team and cost him being drafted.  He has come a long way to get a shot in the NFL.  I thought he did well but apparently not good enough to make the final roster.

I am also bummed they did not keep Chad Kilgore at LB.  He would've helped.  Instead, they are bringing in waiver wire guys with a bit more experience. They are really digging hard to find a kick and punt returner too while Jacoby Ford rehabs.

Also, the steady decline of the Oakland Raiders operating revenue has them in deficit spending territory.  No surprises there.  In 2012 their overall value has been ranked 30th of 32 NFL teams as determined by Forbes who does the assessment every year.

The only thing saving the Raiders is brand marketing.  If not for the merchandise revenue, the team would be worth nothing at this point.

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