Sunday, August 26, 2012

Some Observations on the Raiders Offensive Strategy Part II

The Raiders finally win a preseason game.  Does it really matter?  Of course not. Though, my latest experiment with social media leads me to believe some Raiders fans actually take the preseason seriously.  I am not only stunned by the very low level of intelligence being generated by the Raider Nation on Facebook, I am irritated.  Usually on fan sites there is debate and maybe not everyone has the same level of insight into topics but my forays on myspace and facebook have left me lost for words other than "Wow, I have never seen such a collection of morons - ever."  Shit for brains doesn't even come close to describing it.

Then of course you don't need social media to clearly see there is a stupid ass inside a gorilla suit in every photograph on every fan page - even beyond facebook.  The gorilla tard must have such a need for attention that he makes himself the focus everywhere he goes by acting like a clown. The black hole in general is a sad sack parody. The gorilla makes it worse. I'm no psychologist but it's easy to see his strategy is to catch people's attention so they can chuckle and be entertained.  Ha ha, isn't that clever.  A Raiders themed gorilla suit clown.  Ok, we've seen the joke and it is no longer clever or funny.

Onto some observations of the Raiders preseason victory over the Lions....

Carson Palmer did not look very good.  While he must take the blame for that, the offense is in serious trouble with Greg Knapp. The guy is not a legitimate offensive coordinator and now we are starting to see what to expect this season.  As discussed a few times already, Knapp has never succeeded as an offensive coordinator in the NFL  He is qualified to be a QB coach.  No argument there but he did nothing of note in Atlanta or Seattle or his last stint in Oakland for that matter.  Do you see Jim Mora Jr still in the NFL?  Then why is Knapp?  Mora was the guy who hired Knapp in Seattle and Atlanta.  Naturally, Knapp deflected attention to everyone but himself when describing reasons for the offensive failure in all his journeyman stops.

If you noticed in the preseason game against the Lions, Terrell Pryor created plays that led to points but not the way Knapp drew it up.  Pryor has been upset with his play lately and has now lit a fire under himself to improve.  He did take steps forward, even if his success came against Detroit Lions backups.

Jano on the other hand has returned to his inconsistent ways. Last season was a fluke.  The guy has no training other than eating well and playing golf. Raiders fans only have a memory span of a few nanoseconds but if they did have memory cells, they would know Jano has been very unreliable throughout his career with the exception of a few hot streaks (last season being his best, achieving All-Pro).

Too bad Marquette King could not overtake Shane Lechler.  I don't like Shane Lechler because I think he is overpaid.  Both Shane and Jano laugh all the way to the bank.

King just did not have the enough polish to be a legitimate threat to Shane's job though they may keep him on the practice squad as insurance.

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