Saturday, June 9, 2012

Boring is Better for the New Oakland Raiders

What's that noise?  Can you hear that?  Me either.  That's the blank void that used to be a place of friction, paranoia, bad decisions, condescending attitudes, the over hyped knowledge of football supposedly held by Al Davis along with his control freak mentality and awful approach to leadership, squeezing the life out of everything he could not control.  Now that he is gone, the Oakland Raiders are a peaceful, generic football team. I use the term generic in a good sense because the first step they needed to take after so many years of being dysfunctional was to be normal for the very first time in their existence.

Amazingly, if it wasn't for the logo and colors, the group of men that make up the team and coaching staff along with the people inside the building at 1220 Harbor Bay Parkway in Alameda, California would be indistinguishable from any professional football team.  That is a long time coming.

There is nothing going on at all within Raiders HQ or on the practice field that is even remotely underhanded or seething with horrible decisions. Think of the misfires in personnel and coaching hires Al Davis put the franchise through over the past decade alone. We can itemize all of it but why bother.  In fact, the new regime leaves nothing to blog about other than hope and promise. I'm breathing in fresh air.  Wow.

The new regime is pulling together all of the talent it can find within their means and attempting to forge a competitive NFL team come August.  I like their approach of bringing in the full 90 guys allowed into camp in an effort to shape the eventual roster. That is the best we as fans can expect.  The people making decisions for the Raiders know exactly what they are looking for as far as team temperament and skill level.  That should make us all within the Raider Nation feel confident.

As we know, this past draft class was not stellar but we may have some keepers, who knows.

I wonder if they will be handing out lollipops at the Oakland Coliseum for games?

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