Saturday, April 7, 2012

What Would You Do If You Were Jano?

The tale of Sebastian Janikowski is an odd tale. Perhaps it wouldn't be so odd if Jano chose to speak publicly a little bit more and explain himself. He occasionally will speak with Raiders beat writers but it is rare and his comments are not extensive. He prefers a low key presence. Yet, his public actions are hard to ignore, creating more speculation and controversy around himself.

Jano's ability as a field goal kicker has never been in doubt. Even when he missed field goals he should have made, it was clear to see his potential was enormous. Bobby Bowden was always inclined to let Jano be Jano, even though he had numerous brushes with law enforcement. Jano was arrested four times while a player at Florida State including felony possession of GHB. That's about as much of a red flag as you can get. Was Jano so hard up to get laid he had need to drug women? An enduring mystery. Only a sinister individual would even think of drugging women. There must have been women willing to get with Jano despite his lack of manly appeal. Jano is an ugly dude but he is not that ugly where no women would go for him. So what's up with the GHB Jano? Not once has he ever attempted to explain himself.

Jano's patterns of run-ins with the law continued as a professional "athlete". He has been arrested three times since the Raiders drafted him in 2000 and even added a few more legal incidents to his resume. Even when he was not being accused of a crime he ended up in court. The most hilarious of which was a video recording made by the late Darrell Russell, former Raiders troublemaker teammate. Russell was goofing around with a video camera and introduced his friend Jano who let out a "wooop!". This made it into evidence at one of Russell's criminal trials.

Bad judgement defines Jano. The locations where all of his indiscretions occurred speaks volumes. It's pretty clear Jano likes to party. In all likelihood he tries to be low key about his presence at nightclubs but maybe it's the dome. He is easily picked out of a crowd. The most telling incident occurred at a San Francisco nightclub that ended with an ambulance taking Janikowski to a hospital. A police incident report stated Janikowski might have taken GHB, although it was not clear whether it was by choice. Perhaps he intended to administer it to an unsuspecting woman but ended up dosing himself instead? Again, Jano hopes the incident disappears and says nothing in his own defense.

Jano has gotten into fights at restaurants (maybe someone told him he sucked?). He also got upset with a woman taking pictures of him in a nightclub and ended up in legal trouble for unlawful imprisonment.

So it is clear Jano is not a bright bulb. BUT, you don't have to be to smart to get paid by Al Davis. So now Jano is a multimillionaire for having a spotty career. If you hang around long enough, you pile up points as a field goal kicker so don't look at the records as anything much. The only end result of note is Jano must have a lot of cars blasting hip hop music, shiny custom rims and custom everything. I am willing to bet Jano has lavish digs in which to entertain his hip hop friends, play video games (what else would Jano do with his free time?) and of course own the highest end golf equipment money can buy.

and....that's about all there is to Jano.

I don't maintain rigid attention to such details but I have to wonder if Jano has ever made an appearance at any local establishment to sign autographs, meet fans, make himself a positive presence. Jano lives in Castro Valley, California which is a suburb near Oakland and San Leandro, home of the famous Ricky's bar and grill. Many Raiders players and coaches have showed up at Ricky's to mingle with fans. Same for John Vela's locker room, which was "the" Raiders merchandise store prior to The Raider Image chain opening. Still Vela's Locker Room has managed to stay in business and always has autograph signings with former and current Raiders players. Never Jano, even though he lives less than 15 minutes away. Public appearances would be a good way to show a gesture of appreciation, good will and bonding with fans.

Jano's only quality is being physically gifted with a strong leg. It took him two decades to hone his field kicking ability. He still can't tackle for beans though, making him pretty useless on kickoff returns. In fact, other than kicking field goals, Jano is a pretty useless overall.

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