Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Loose Women, Guys with Money and Bad Decisions

You know what's really funny is no matter how well guys think they have it figured out, they still don't see what goes on in the minds of some women. Admittedly, we are prone to think with the wrong head so that is the problem. We'll never get past that.  It's because you're a horndog. You have needs. If you are smart, you'll do the needful and look out for yourself.  Or, you can end up with a family or child support or both.  Good luck with that one unless you make good money.

It gets a lot more dicey for guys with serious money. Money makes guys arrogant and think they are in control. Look at dimwits like Dennis Rodman. He's now in middle age, broke and he owes zillions in child support because he thought he was too manly to look out for himself when helping himself to whatever slutmeat who offered themselves to him. He looks like a demented puketard. Poor Dennis, all that money he earned as a pro athlete was squandered.

Dennis is of course a poster child for bad decisions but the list goes on. Our most recent shining example is former Arkansas Razorbacks head coach and middle aged man, Bobby Petrino who was under the impression a 25 year woman was with him for his looks. Or maybe he thought his sexual prowess earned him the booty. No Bobby, she was into you because she was shameless with her body and knew you had lots of expendable income to share once she wrapped you around her finger. From the sound of things, ol' Bobby had lots of expendable time as well to keep in touch with his sex bunny.

Poor Bobby, it's all unraveled now. Who would've thunk it could happen to them? Not Brett Favre, who now carries the mantle of shamed former NFL star on his shoulders.

Certainly not Warren Sapp, the loudest mouth on the planet in his slide from wealthy man to destitute. How can you earn millions or even hundreds of thousands and have nothing to show for it?  Warren, all you had to do was wear a bag on your willie. I'm sure all of his conquests were extremely large and fertile women.They had to have been to handle Warren's lard duff bringing the nasty.  I'll lay odds all of Warren's conquests had child support on their minds from the minute they met him. No Warren, none of those beasts you called sex partners was concerned with anything but the payout.

On the flipside to all of this is the much reviled Bill Belichick, a reputed horndog who has the smarts to protect his own interests. Just find a gal who understands the arrangement, do the legalese beforehand and stick with her. She gets what she wants and you get what you want.

Don't use the example of Rex Ryan and put your fetishes on YouTube.

If only Rick Pitino hadn't been thinking big mac...

Don't worry Jano. Somewhere there is a woman who does not find you repulsive and you won't need to be thinking GHB.

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