Monday, April 30, 2012

Fat Coaches & Fat Little Girlfriends

Mark Mangino has accomplished more than most college head coaches.  He took a bad or mediocre division I program in a very tough conference to a BCS Bowl Game.  The University of Kansas football program really ramped up under Mangino, not just for one season.  He really turned things around for the Jayhawks.  The problem was, Mangino's turbulent coaching style and anger management issues derailed it all.  Mangino was sacked, embellishing his pattern of blustery outbursts as his calling card.

After he was dismissed from U of Kansas, I wrote an article explaining what I thought Mangino must do to salvage his career.  It has been a few years now and Mangino has yet to coach again.  There has never been any indication he has interviewed anywhere either.

The obvious path would be for him to re-invent himself, rehabilitate his image. My guess is, Mangino is being stubborn. He must have it all figured out. I mean, look at him.  He's an immensely fat guy who can't possibly be in the best of health due to such obesity.  He cannot contain his emotions around his players, tries to motivate by belittling people.  Who am I - a sometimes blogger from California, the land of hippies - to offer advice.

Well, maybe he's right.  I have never coached football.  However, I do know that a fat football coach berating his players is sure to turn away potential new job opportunities.  Maybe he should should follow the model of his former rival. A man who also built a dormant Big 8 or Big 12 program into a powerhouse.  AND, a man who also belittled his players.

Mike Leach truly delivered at Texas Tech.  Sure, he's unorthodox in his approach but he got the job done.  Is Mangino under the impression he is of the same class as Leach?  While we do not know what, if any, other job opportunities Leach was considered for, we do know he landed the head job at Washington State.

Say what you will about Washington State but the program and its legacy fits Leach's style perfectly.  Washington State has always played a wide open, spread attack.  Remember, Dennis Erickson coached there and impressed enough to be hired as Jimmy Johnson's successor at U Miami. Nowhere is Leach better suited than to revive the dormant WSU program.

Laugh all you want at Ryan Leaf (and we all do of course) but no one would even know who Ryan Leaf was to begin with if not for an outstanding career at Washington State that enabled him to be drafted so high.  Other players have come out of the WSU program who fared much better in the NFL.  Mark Rypien won a Super Bowl when he had his chance.  Drew Bledsoe, Timm Rosenbach, Steve Broussard was an excellent running back.  There's more.

Mike Leach will succeed at Washington State once he gets the players to fit his system.  Mark Mangino on the other hand appears to be losing opportunities to repair his legacy.

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