Saturday, March 17, 2012

Peyton as a Donkey Offers a Tempting Target

On one hand, I can see why the Broncos would want Peyton Manning. But on the other hand, I am wondering how they plan to protect his pocket presence. We all know, one bad shot and the guy is truly finished for his career. Then the Donks are left holding the bill for mega millions.

Let's face it, the Broncos don't have a world class offensive line. What made Manning so effective in Indy was for the most part, they had a decent O-line.

I find it ironic that as the Peyton Manning sweepstakes ensues, the Oakland Raiders release Kameron Wimbley, a bona fide sack master.

Hey Chiefs GM, are you listening? You could have bought Kamerion Wimbley, a bona fide sack master. Instead, you blew your wad on a heap of damaged goods. Scott Pioli rolled the dice and was toasted. Now Wimbley will sign elsewhere.

The Raiders still have some guys who can jack up Peyton Manning pretty good. It will be nice to see Manning stroll up to the line of scrimmage with his familiar confident gait, only to be brought down hard as the Ghost of Al Davis would say.

If he does end up with the Broncos, I expect the Raiders to end his reign pretty quickly. There's no way he'll get through the season facing us twice.

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Anonymous said...

Wimbley is not a "sack master" and his price tag is way too high. I agree that the Raiders will hurt Manning and could finish him. McKenzie kept the core of the team, the team will be better coached and have a better scheme on Defense. I can see the Raidersa winning the West, Manning or no Manning.