Saturday, March 17, 2012

Peyton as a Donkey Offers a Tempting Target

On one hand, I can see why the Broncos would want Peyton Manning. But on the other hand, I am wondering how they plan to protect his pocket presence. We all know, one bad shot and the guy is truly finished for his career. Then the Donks are left holding the bill for mega millions.

Let's face it, the Broncos don't have a world class offensive line. What made Manning so effective in Indy was for the most part, they had a decent O-line.

I find it ironic that as the Peyton Manning sweepstakes ensues, the Oakland Raiders release Kameron Wimbley, a bona fide sack master.

Hey Chiefs GM, are you listening? You could have bought Kamerion Wimbley, a bona fide sack master. Instead, you blew your wad on a heap of damaged goods. Scott Pioli rolled the dice and was toasted. Now Wimbley will sign elsewhere.

The Raiders still have some guys who can jack up Peyton Manning pretty good. It will be nice to see Manning stroll up to the line of scrimmage with his familiar confident gait, only to be brought down hard as the Ghost of Al Davis would say.

If he does end up with the Broncos, I expect the Raiders to end his reign pretty quickly. There's no way he'll get through the season facing us twice.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hey Chiefs GM, what games were you watching? Part II

Kevin Boss huh? 2 million guaranteed, 9 million contract. It's not extravagant cash by NFL standards but quite generous for a guy coming off a injury-addled season and didn't impress much. Boss played in 14 games for the Oakland Raiders in 2011 ending up with 28 catches for 368 yards. He topped 500 yards in receptions with the Giants prior to this and looked a lot more impressive doing so. It is entirely possible he could return to form with the Chiefs but you just never know in the NFL how a guy will bounce back from injury.

Let's look at the logic at this move because it tells us a lot about the GM personalities for the Raiders and Chiefs. First, we know that Scott Pioli, calling the shots in the Chiefs front office, won a super bowl or two or whatever with the Patriots. We can chalk that up to his brilliance with personnel decisions or Tom Lady Brady or if you feel like giving credit to the hoodie, that works too.

Clearly, Pioli has struck out with the Chiefs. Todd Haley was an interesting prospect as a rookie head coach. He certainly knows offense very well but he's not a leader of men. Pioli has to own up to Haley's hire and he has to hope Romeo Crennel can get something done. Picking up Raiders castoffs is not a step in the right direction. We all know Stanford Routt is a shitty player who will do nothing but hurt the team with bad penalties. It's a given. Expect it. Count on it. Routt sucks donkey balls and now, so does the Chiefs secondary. Throw all day at him and you will win every game guaranteed. Pioli is going to own up to that too.

As for Boss, he's a gamble to be effective. It is more likely he is on the downside of a short NFL career.

This is good for Raiders fans. Reggie McKenzie has lightened the salary cap load by releasing Boss and Routt only for an un-wise Scott Pioli to sign them to generous salaries thinking they may actually improve his team.

It looks like Pioli has been owned by arch-rivals, the Oakland Raiders.