Friday, February 3, 2012

Dennis Allen's Coaching Hires Smacks of Good ol' Boy Networking

You have to wonder if, in the back of his mind, Reggie McKenzie is regretting handing new head coach Dennis Allen the keys to the kingdom as far as the authority to hire his own coaching staff. I've stopped paying attention for the moment but it sure seems that Allen's selections are guys he already knew from his days with the Falcons. Coach Allen is using a good ol' boy approach in his new gig.

It's no secret, you are more comfortable with people around you that you have worked with and you can trust but in this case, I'm not seeing anything that is a step up from the previous coaching staff. So why make the hire, because you can? Greg Knapp is just mediocrity. He's about as scary to opposing defensive coordinators as a baked ham (I just made that analogy up but feel free to insert any vegetable or meat of choice). The Raider Nation is groaning, belching as well as blasting out very serious gas at the notion of Greg Knapp returning to Oakland. Someone please explain exactly what Greg Knapp has done to earn an offensive coordinator gig other than being one on previous teams that didn't fare so well.

I'd like Reggie McKenzie to look us all in the eye and tell us Greg Knapp is a step up from Al Saunders or Hue Jackson as an offensive brain trust.

Allen also went through the trouble to fire the strength and conditioning coach so he could coax Al Miller out of retirement and into the role. I'm guessing Miller is a guy Allen worked with under Jim Mora Jr's scary Falcons of the failed Michael Vick era. Seriously, are we saying we actually need to import a legendary strength coach to California? We don't have enough strength and conditioning guys already here? You know, lots of guys know about strength and conditioning. Who the hell cares who is coaching them in the weight room. We don't need a guy you worked with on the bad Falcons team you were part of. The fact that Justin Griffiths (another Falcons refugee) was handed a job seals the deal that this is just about coaches helping coaches.

The bottom line is these new coaching hires are anything but notable. There is nothing here to inject anything in the way of hope into the team's success projection for next season. Personally, I wasn't looking for flashy hires. I just wanted something new, not sideways. Dennis Allen's good old boy network hires are transparent. The man hired his friends the first chance he got, probably to return favors from his climb up the ladder. Hey buddy, did you think we wouldn't notice? Glad to see you liked... Kelly Skipper enough to keep on as RB coach and saw fit to keep Steve Wisniewski on as an assistant OL coach.

If anyone sees anything in these retread Falcon buddy hires that will actually improve the team, I'd like to hear about it.

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