Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Oakland Raiders Brass Saying/Doing All the Right Things

I've been a Raiders fan for 20+ years and this is the very first moment in time I can say I agree with everything the front office management is doing. Let me count the ways...

* There is no overbearing influence of one man's paranoid, self-centered whims.

* New man in the big chair, Mark Davis, is open and forthright in his public comments.

* A new coaching staff has been assembled, not an easy task, as admitted by Dennis Allen. I'm not sold on some of the hires as being upgrades but a new regime wants their own people, at least Allen is honest about it.

* The entire roster is being evaluated in terms of talent equitable to the player's salary. This is a FIRST in Raiders history that does not factor in the personal taste of Al Davis (which as we know is geared towards some non-football rationale).

* Not a peep thus far from Al Davis apologist Amy Trask.

It's a new era for sure in Oakland Raiders football. The ghost has left the building along with Al Davis flunky hanger-ons.

For me, that means I am seriously considering renewing my season ticket subscription in East Side Club section for the first time in 5 seasons.

We may not have a winning record off the bat but I am betting we will see measurable progress. I am seeing the logic now of letting Hue Jackson go. You want a new energy to build momentum with. Hue was a little too outspoken and irresponsible with some comments to the media. I am liking all of Reggie McKenzie's decisions thus far in the off-season.

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Anonymous said...

Great column--it was mentioned by a regular Yahoo Raider column writer. I'm checking out the blog. I used to enjoy your company at Bleacher Report during the Cable era. My name is Brent. I had to get the heck out of B/R--could not deal with the crazies. Everything was racial or hostile over there. You'd be commenting on an article about two-tight end sets or offensive formations or anything then BAM, everything's turned into racism or hate or politics. I just need the Raiders fix, man, not the other stuff. Keep up the good work, Wingman.