Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hey Chiefs GM, what games were you watching?

I'm mystified how a piece of shit player like Stanford Routt can not only get picked up off the waiver wire by a team, but signed for mega millions on par with the "out of whack" contract Undead Al Davis signed him to. I understand speedy corners are at a premium but there is no justification for Stanford Routt even being remotely close to a solid player. I used to think Romeo Crennel was a quality coach. It's not easy to win in Cleveland so a fair shot in Kansas City is deserved. If he had anything to do with bringing Routt in, he should hang his head in shame.

Is this the same Scott Pioli who allegedly takes GM credit for New England's initial Super Bowl success and was hired to do the same at KC? You have to kidding. This is like the twilight zone. Routt will absolutely kill you in every which way possible. We all know he's shit because we watched him make horrendous plays on a consistent basis as an Oakland Raider. He improved slightly under Rod Woodson's watch and will occasionally make a nice play, only to take two or three steps back with worse plays. Stanford Routt is the highest liability player you can possibly bring in to your defense. And you have the gall to pay him?

Chiefs fans, the Raider Nation feels your pain. I wish there was something we could do to make you feel better the next time you have a square dance or have milk and cookies at your tailgate or whatever you do for fun in KC. Your GM just shot you in the foot.

This guy "Matt Bowen" is way off in his analysis. You have to laugh at the National Football Post for deleting all the negative comments to the article. I posted something and now it's gone along with many others and my comment was not even offensive.

I lay out the case for dismissing Routt here. Raider fans already know the guy sucks donkey balls. If you think Routt is a decent player then you haven't watched the games. How can you miss such catastrophic ineptitude?

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