Thursday, February 9, 2012

Finally, Stanford Routt is Dismissed

The worst cornerback in Oakland Raiders history, among the worst draft picks ever, for any team, has finally been dismissed. After seven or eight years of bad play, penalties, giving up yards, getting toasted by receivers and in some situations, losing games, Stanford Routt was cut from the roster today. He's a very wealthy man now and will never have to work a day in his life, thanks to the preference of Al Davis to admire and pay well athletic black men who run fast. Never mind that he lacked football skills and had barely any collegiate playing experience at the University of Houston. That's the way Al rolled. He would never have paid a cornerback of any other skin color that kind of money. Make no mistake, for Al Davis, he carried a gleam in his eye for athletic black men.

Bottom line reality (other than the money), Routt's gift was in track and field, not football.

Al had a notion that speed could define the player and therefore speed could at least in part, define the team. Unfortunately, this logic never paid off. The only thing it did was make a handful of select men wealthy and did nothing to raise the team's overall level of performance.

Al's lasting legacy was saddling his franchise with financial liability. Before his death, Al made sure to sign a bad cornerback to a $54.5 million five-year contract. Nobody would have paid Routt anything more than veteran's minimum but Al liked to believe he had a solution with the next roll of the dice (which to others may have seemed like good football sense but we know better).

Who knows how much the Raiders are still on the hook to pay Routt, hopefully, they don't take a cap hit or continue to pay him due to contractual obligations.

The roster move is exactly what the franchise needs to do. Get rid of the useless elements and at least start the process of re-stocking actual talent.

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