Friday, February 17, 2012

Finally, John Herrera is Dimissed

Let's be honest, no one would have any idea who John Herrera was if he did not speak unprofessionally on a video captured in stealth during a lull in a Raiders press briefing. It is likely this episode would never have taken place at all if Al Davis had not hired Lane Kiffin to begin with, creating tension inside and outside Raiders HQ. John "Raiders senior executive" Herrera snapped at sports writer Tim Kawakami who stood there unfazed while Herrera ranted about whatever it was that made him upset.

This singular event defined Herrera's entire professional career as a lackey of Al Davis. His career goes as far back as his teenage years when Al Davis hired him because his father owned an Oakland-based Buick dealership which was then a sponsor of the Raiders. This was important stuff in the early 1960's. In that era, Al was a lot closer to the community as far as public relations. These days, having a dad who owns a car dealership doesn't amount to much. Clearly, John Herrera never had a skills set throughout his entire career as lapdog.

Herrera rose to the rank of number one Al Davis henchman, serving his master for many years. Whenever Al had need to lay down his law, John Herrera was there to deliver the message. Now, his access to Raiders HQ has been revoked or at least demoted depending on what story you believe. The bottom line is he no longer has a master to serve.

My guess would be this was a Mark Davis decision, not Reggie McKenzie's. I don't think Mark likes John Herrera and rightfully so, what's to like? The two had ample time to get to know each other over the many years they worked in the organization and they are also similar in age. If the two were friends, there would be no reason for Herrera to leave or be demoted. I'm hoping he was told to leave and that ends the saga.

The number of affronts John Herrera has committed as lapdog to Al Davis are too numerous to mention. The importance of Herrera's dismissal or reassigment should not be understated in the long-awaited re-shaping of the Raiders front office organization.

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