Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mike Silver Starts the Mark Davis Era Off With Unwarranted Criticism

Mile Silver, currently of Yahoo Sports, is an experienced NFL writer. He's also a Bay Area resident and therefore, has had more than ample opportunity to get a read on the operations at Oakland Raiders HQ, specifically the demeanor of Al Davis.

I'm wondering why then, Silver saw fit to unleash abuse directed at Al's successor, his son Mark Davis. Silver targeted Mark Davis as being "in over his head" as the new CEO of an NFL franchise.

Considering the fact that Mark is a 50 something year old man and has been part of the Raiders organization his whole life, it should be obvious to anyone following the Raiders that Mark is not a football man. Mark has said nothing at all publicly on football operations his entire career until this past week. His duties within Raiders HQ are business-related. If he was a football man then we would have heard a lot more from him by now, don't you think?

Silver pokes fun at Mark based on a former employee's account of Al embarrassing his son in front of Raiders staff. I'm willing to lay odds the source that informed Silver of Al's harsh treatment of Mark was Randy Hanson. You may recall Hanson is a humiliated figure himself. The former low level Raiders coach had his jaw broken ostensibly by either former head coach Tom Laying Cable or furniture, depending on which account you believe.

Silver seems oblivious to the fact that Mark has never claimed to be an expert in football operations regardless of what his relationship with his father was. We don't know anything about the father and son relationship. Perhaps Al did try to mold Mark into a football man and just maybe, Al was disappointed in his progeny's lack of "can do" energy. Therefore, choosing to humiliate his son in front of others as a result. Who cares?

It's not for us to say and frankly, it's not very interesting. Mark is his own man, period. Mike Silver took journalistic liberties usually reserved for freewheeling bloggers like myself. Though Silver has a vaster audience and therefore showed irresponsible and underhanded tactics for a supposed professional.

We do know Mark is honest in his approach, relying on people like John Madden and other people close to the franchise for advice.

I'm not too impressed with Silver or Yahoo Sports in general. I'm surprised Yahoo has any budget at all to pay writers. I've always wondered where they get their money from since they gave nearly 6 billion away to Mark Cuban for technology they never used. Do you remember that Yahoo believed Cuban's was going to enable them to stream sports across the web? I do and it was as much of a joke then as it is today. All it served to do was make Cuban ultra wealthy.

We all know Cuban is laughing at Yahoo now as well he should. Yahoo sucks immense donkey balls.

Yahoo has no products to sell so where do they have the funds to pay Mike Silver whatever meager salary he makes? I wonder if he scrapes enough to pay his mortgage and stock up on PB&J to make it through each month.

Here's a photo of Mike wearing sunglasses, perhaps inspired by his role model, gossip extraordinaire Paris Hilton.

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