Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mark Davis One Ups His Dad In His First Press Conference

Various people associated with the Raiders organization who have met Mark Davis all have said he is a nice guy. I never had any reason to doubt any of them. I was curious why he remained in the backdrop of the organization all these years (he's in his mid 50's now), never even a hint of him being involved in football operations. Clearly, he was no chip off the old block. Not only does he look nothing like his father, he does not share the same demeanor. Though, Mark does have an odd haircut.

It never seemed to me Mark had even the slightest interest in football period. I mean, imagine growing up around pro football but never caring enough to get involved except in a perfunctory sense. But now, with the hiring of a GM, his hand was forced into the limelight. For the very first time, the Semi-Reluctant New Mr. Davis has spoken to the media at large and fielded questions. This is indeed a new era in Raiders history.

Imagine Al Davis fielding questions in a polite, engaging manner. I think Al has tried hard at times to do that but it comes off as awkward. Al had an on again, off again contentious relationship with the media. I recall an interview he did with Paul MaGuire who was an old friend from the AFL days where Al was smiling and happy to be there. Otherwise, I think he dreaded talking to the media. Even when he spoke to Ice Cube in his documentary on the LA Raiders, Al was stiff lipped.

Mark Davis on the other hand showed right away he wants to be an ally to the fanbase.

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Who should Mark hire in your opinion and why?