Friday, January 13, 2012

Fox Sports Dumps on Hue

The dismissal of Hue Jackson by the Raiders organization was a bit of a disappointment to the Raider Nation. We all knew Hue was full of bluster but he was a likeable and effectual head coach, despite the team losing down the stretch. We blame that on the ghost of Al Davis and his pathetic personnel decisions in building the defense, not Hue.

We also don't blame Hue for triggering the Carson Palmer trade. Palmer is a much better QB than Jason Campbell and who are we going to win with, Kyle Boller?

So, Jason Whitlock's article at has got it all wrong. Whitlock pulls the race card which, quite frankly is horseshit. There was no racism implicit in the decision to fire Hue.

What is true is there are residual elements of Al Davis flunkies at Raiders HQ. So a good housecleaning is an excellent idea. But Hue is far from an Al Davis flunkie. The simple fact is the new Raiders brain trust wanted their own man as head coach. There is no reason to believe any different. But, it is apparent dolts like Mike Silver and Jason Whitlock just like to kick up dust for the sake of meeting their quota for writing articles. This way they give the impression they are earning their salary.

I'm even surprised at Rich Gannon's comments. He contradicts himself in the same breath, “What a stunner...I’m not surprised with the change.”

What is ridiculous about Whitlock's comments is it is obvious he does not even know the first thing about Hue. He cites Hue's "enablers" needing a reality check. If you look at the career of Hue Jackson you will see a guy that came out of obscurity. He played and then coached at the University of the Pacific. They don't even have a football program any more. The guy ascended to the NFL from that. His only enabler is a blue collar work ethic. Hue knows offense and as stated numerous times, Al Davis built the defense. The defense lost the games.

Nice try Jason Whitlock of but you are just a minuscule step up from pansy ass Mike Silver and his lame Cal Bears who can't win a damn thing since Aaron Rodgers has moved on.

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