Thursday, December 22, 2011

Do you visit the comcast sports site? Me either

Last year or maybe the year prior, I read about well regarded sports columnist Ray Ratto leaving the San Francisco Chronicle to go to Comcast SportsNet. On one hand, I can understand job change motivation. More money (presumably), maybe try something a little different. With Comcast you obviously get the visibility of being a personality on sports talk TV. For Ray, he is a master of words. His columns are hilarious and with very few exceptions I can recall, he's the most interesting perspective in the sports section of the bygone newspaper era.

On the other hand however, I don't think it was a simple transition of media formats. Ray has additionally made the commitment to tweeting on twitter and boy is it lame. Through no fault of his own, Twitter is lame. Ray Ratto's strength is stringing sentences together. This falls completely flat in twitter format.

I realized a few days ago that I missed Ray's columns so I did some sleuthing and eventually found him buried on the Comcast Sports' web page. I can't imagine anyone visits that site regularly for sports info. Not that the info is any worse than other sites but it's just low profile despite Comcast's big name. I would be curious to see the page view stats.

I can tell the CSN people tried to build a team of sports writers on their staff to compete with local sports coverage. But, I don't think it's really very effective. Especially so when they see fit to promote a second string guy like Paul Gutierrez from the Sacramento Bee.

Who is going to be impressed by Paul Gutierrez? And it doesn't take much to know he's not an insider of the Raiders. He's just a "newspaper man" (as Al Davis labeled such folk).

By the way, in case you are wondering why CSN does not promote Ray Ratto as a Raiders insider, it's because A) Ray would not want to be a Raiders insider, B) Ray has had a LOT of fun taking loquacious jabs at Al Davis over the years. Raider fans know this so such a promotion would not go over well.

Paul Gutierrez? Who?

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