Thursday, December 22, 2011

Do you visit the comcast sports site? Me either

Last year or maybe the year prior, I read about well regarded sports columnist Ray Ratto leaving the San Francisco Chronicle to go to Comcast SportsNet. On one hand, I can understand job change motivation. More money (presumably), maybe try something a little different. With Comcast you obviously get the visibility of being a personality on sports talk TV. For Ray, he is a master of words. His columns are hilarious and with very few exceptions I can recall, he's the most interesting perspective in the sports section of the bygone newspaper era.

On the other hand however, I don't think it was a simple transition of media formats. Ray has additionally made the commitment to tweeting on twitter and boy is it lame. Through no fault of his own, Twitter is lame. Ray Ratto's strength is stringing sentences together. This falls completely flat in twitter format.

I realized a few days ago that I missed Ray's columns so I did some sleuthing and eventually found him buried on the Comcast Sports' web page. I can't imagine anyone visits that site regularly for sports info. Not that the info is any worse than other sites but it's just low profile despite Comcast's big name. I would be curious to see the page view stats.

I can tell the CSN people tried to build a team of sports writers on their staff to compete with local sports coverage. But, I don't think it's really very effective. Especially so when they see fit to promote a second string guy like Paul Gutierrez from the Sacramento Bee.

Who is going to be impressed by Paul Gutierrez? And it doesn't take much to know he's not an insider of the Raiders. He's just a "newspaper man" (as Al Davis labeled such folk).

By the way, in case you are wondering why CSN does not promote Ray Ratto as a Raiders insider, it's because A) Ray would not want to be a Raiders insider, B) Ray has had a LOT of fun taking loquacious jabs at Al Davis over the years. Raider fans know this so such a promotion would not go over well.

Paul Gutierrez? Who?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Does Anyone Really Take Mike Florio Seriously?

I remember when there was no ESPN or NFL Network. Local newspapers usually covered local teams but you had to wait a week to read about last week's overall NFL news. This came in the form of magazines or newspapers that focused on NFL coverage. The Sporting News was one of those publications but it was never a very good read. In fact, it was always incorrect in their predictions and analysis no matter who the writer was. The Sporting News was and always has been a hack publication.

It comes as no surprise that Mike Florio's entire professional writing experience as far as football coverage is concerned, was with The Sporting News. This is a lawyer who lives in West Virginia and decide to set up his own very poorly designed web site called "Pro Football Talk" where he just spews his opinions. No crime there but Mike only discusses his moral perspective of the NFL and players. He has no other angle other than wagging his finger and pointing out how players crossed the line of ethical behavior. He is far more concerned with what goes on in players' personal lives than he is about football. This is indisputable and obvious.

It would be hard to make a case in favor or many pro football players being model citizens. Though, most football fans are not into gossip. We just like to enjoy the sport. What a letdown it is when readers discover Mike Florio comes off as a skinny little assclown who doesn't even know the game very well. He's just the moralist police. MSNBC for reasons unknown, hitched their wagon to the PFT site but it's really just Florio and a few dweebs who chime in useless articles every so often.

It's one thing to have fun as a blogger or talk football with your friends or acquaintances but to consider yourself a professional sports writer because you have a moral stance is a very unfortunate symptom of the times. Deadspin likes to highlight the flaws of professional athletes as well but their articles are usually funny and don't project a moralist view, just an intent to embarrass their target.

One time, I was taking a dump and reading PFT on my phone. Hey, it's a downtime activity, right? It so happened Florio posted a happy birthday to his wife so it was at the very top of the article list. What I read put everything in perspective about who Mike Florio really is. First he wishes his wife a happy birthday. Then he compliments her by saying she "never complains" that he is never around or "working" late. So why are you married you imbecile? What is the point of acknowledging your wife as part of your "work"? Posting blog articles is your work? Your "work" is more important than your wife?

When I need a good laugh I think about Mike Florio and the lameness of his existence. At the same time I feel sorry for his wife who apparently does not know any better but to be a submissive, background component to am NFL moralist police blogger.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Should Really Update This Blog

I only have myself to blame, allowing this blog to slip off the radar. If I remember correctly, the period between 2008 to maybe 2009, I switched over to Bleacher Report but was eventually booted off that forum for getting into numerous arguments. One bad blogger in particular bothered me. A fat guy from South Dakota. His photo graces this page below.

I guess I just can't help myself ridiculing hapless fools.

I have also been booted off a few other forums for the same behavior. None of it means anything to me of course. I am just amusing myself.

To bring everyone up to date, Fat Pat, another bad Raiders blogger, kicked the bucket. He was so fat he just keeled over. Too bad for him huh. That'll teach him to eat so much bacon (with all due respect to Romo)

Undead Al also finally died. How many of you actually thought that was possible? I didn't. I really thought he would live until his body disintegrated. It looked like no blood was getting to his face for years on end. He was like a rotting raisin.

I'm not so sure Mark Davis is an upgrade in ownership. He seems to be an empty shirt. That's a corporate term used to describe management that doesn't actually do anything. As good as Amy Trask is at whatever it is she does, she's not the real answer either. Everyone knows the Raiders need a GM with personnel decision authority. We'll see if that really happens or not.

One thing is certain, now that Undead Al is no more, his only remaining henchman, John Herrera has receded into the background. He's no doubt keeping a low profile now that no one in the building supports his antics. That means no one anywhere has any respect for you John, in case you missed the point.

And what of Huey Baby? A little quick to pull the trigger on dealing away so many draft picks for Carson Palmer I'd say. I actually thought Jason Campbell was playing well until he was injured. Huey Baby could not wait to strike a deal for Palmer. Palmer may or may not return to his old form but I think there were other options they could have gone with rather than deal away next year's draft, which is razor thin with picks as it is.

See, that's the thing, when you win a few games, as Baby Huey did for a stretch in the 2011 season, you get a little full of yourself and want to tinker. Undead (or dead now) Al apparently gave Baby Huey a little GM power before he checked out. Baby Huey is no GM, as he has learned. I have no doubt he will be back for the 2012 season as head coach but by then hopefully the front office grows some wisdom teeth and finally does the right thing. Find a football guy to make personnel decisions. It would mark the beginning of a new era instead of the half-baked stuff thrown into the mix by Baby Huey and his new quasi-overlords Mark Davis and Amy Trask.

Hey, I wonder if all those lawsuits Al had his fleet of attorneys working on is still churning. That would be revealing where the new front office stands for real in regard to keeping or releasing the ghost of Al from Raiders HQ.