Thursday, October 2, 2008

The reason for this blog part II

Since I started this blog just a few months ago I've gotten a few different reactions. Some people like it, some people ask me what the point is. Some think I have an axe to grind against Al and the Raiders.

Actually, I think my real axe to grind is with the Raider Nation. You're a sad sack nation yet smart enough to know your loyalty means getting other people rich by burning your budgets on everything Raiders. Yet you don't care. You keep Al's cash cow alive. That's your problem is you feed the very root of the problem. You don't just feed it, you are obsessed with it.

Go ahead, call me a hater. That's real original.

I back up everything I put in here as best as possible. If you feel differently, I will gladly revise any mistakes. Just leave a comment if you are so inclined. I make it a point to re-visit and challenge my own assumptions. I will make corrections as needed, ongoing.

I'm not doing this for site hits or popularity or some ego quest. This is a very part time hobby, assembling all of the data I have accumulated over the years and current web searches. I see Al and the Raiders as separate components. I know others may see it differently but consider the fact that the Oakland Raiders existed before Al arrived. The Raiders concept is not his creation. Not even the emblem is his creation though he tweaked it a bit.

I do not regard Al Davis as the beginning or the end of the Oakland Raiders franchise. He's just a highly intelligent weasel with a dominant personality who seized control of the franchise. That's it man. That's all it is.

It doesn't matter what Al's accomplishments are or if they were a bad team prior to him becoming head coach in 1963. Today is different. Nobody needs Al to have a winning franchise anymore. Not in the front office, not on the sidelines, not in the luxury box.

The legacy of Al Davis is not a commitment to excellence. Thanks to Al's bluster over the years, there is still the residue of past glory. The franchise still carries an illusion of itself as the greatest in professional sports. Obviously this is not the case. Even if someday they win another Super Bowl, WHO CARES. The legacy of Al Davis will simply be that he made a $180,000 investment in 1966 and it became an 800 million dollar business 40 years later.

My purpose here is not a crusade to bash Al Davis (that would be too easy to keep taking cheap shots). For the percentage of people who actually get it, my objective has become to dispel myths and illuminate the motives of Raiders HQ. I don't claim "cold hard facts" in all cases because at the end of the day, football blogging is all about speculation.

Thanks for reading. I hope you are entertained.

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De La Salle said...

Good Point... The same people who loathe Mr. Davis, are the ones who were his biggest supporters when the win column was better.

People want to identify with winners. It's human nature. You can still love the Raiders, you don't have to love the owner...