Monday, October 13, 2008

Justin Fargas and Michael Bush on the trade block?

CBS Sports reported a scoop today that Justin Fargas and/or Michael Bush are potential trade material before Tuesday's NFL deadline.

So, the pattern continues. Someone is intentionally and selectively feeding high profile NFL journalists with early scoops supposedly obtained from an un-named source inside Raiders HQ. Last time it was Jay Glazer at Fox Sports and Chris Mortensen at ESPN. This time it went to CBS Sports.

Lane Kiffin is gone. So that means my source at Ricky's Sports Theater & Grill was incorrect that Kiffin was the information leak. Maybe Kiffin's friend Mark Jackson, still on staff within Raiders HQ in some low level administrative capacity is the overlooked element.

It just doesn't seem to be Team Al's style to concoct a clever ploy to stir the pot of controversy, like a propaganda technique. For what purpose? That would imply an oaf like John Herrera, laconic PR specialist Mike Taylor or some unknown individuals within Raiders HQ have some form of sophisticated PR mindset - which we know they don't. Or if they do, wow, that would be shocking.

All Raiders HQ has ever shown in the way of strategy is to emphatically deny everything, regardless if the information would help or hurt them in the public domain. Ineptitude is an appropriate description most of the time when it comes to anything to do with Raiders public relations.

Here's the bottom line: Raiders Senior Executive John Herrera has denied Fargas and Bush are on the trade block. This means they are in fact on the trade block.

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