Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jets vs Raiders, a winnable game for Oakland?

With everything going wrong for the Oakland Raiders, the smart money is all going on the New York Jets this Sunday. Whatever the point spread, you just have to figure the Jets have the edge.

As expected, Brett Favre is still slinging arrows all over the field and that simple formula is exactly what has destroyed the Raiders thus far this season. With a stagnant offense unable to pull it's own weight, an overworked, vulnerable defense puts the Raiders precariously close to another blowout loss.

Yet, there is hope. The Jets defense has been anything but impressive. Despite being 3-2, the Jets have not coasted. They are earning their yards and their wins with grit.

If we can block out the opening day fiasco to Denver and last week's laugher at New Orleans, the Raiders have had their share of leads this season thus far. They have tasted some success and will treat each Sunday as new life. Tom Cable is right about one thing, the Raider players are professionals and they are not going to abandon their will to win.

A few breaks, some special teams play in Oakland's favor, it is entirely possible Oakland could emerge victorious.

I wouldn't count on Darren McFadden being game ready. Turf toe tends to really hurt and linger. I would be surprised if he came back strong so soon from that particular injury.

I think if Justin Fargas is healthy and we finally see more of Michael Bush, some life from the receivers, there is a chance for a win. I'd like to see the Oakland passing game show some consistency. If I was in Offensive Coordinator Greg Knapp's shoes right now I would continue to turn Jamarcus Russell loose. Throw downfield, get Chaz Schilens in the game if our top guys are not getting it done. I never thought I'd say this but Ronald Curry, you are really stinking it up.

Hey, Javon Walker. Why are you only in the game the first series or two? Are you tired or WTF? Get your ass out there and make some plays.

It's criminal Todd Watkins is not active. What is the deal with that baloney. The guy can catch and run at a professional level. The Raiders need those types of guys so the fact he is not in the game and getting an opportunity can only mean the Raiders are once again hurting themselves with bad decisions.

It is interesting this game is such a longstanding rivalry. These two franchises first met in 1960 in the AFL (the NY Jets were the NY Titans at that time). There have been some great games between the two teams, often with much at stake.

For this upcoming game the Jets could realize they are going to need to stick with the grit strategy to pull out a win. This is an Oakland home game and a chance for the Raider Nation to get behind their beleaguered team. If this does end up a Jets blowout, I want to see them earn it at least.

I have not heard the latest on ticket sales for the game but Oakland Coliseum will likely be sold out since Favre is a draw for people to come out. If it was Chad Pennington coming to town I doubt this game would come close to selling out.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree about Watkins. This guy looked like the best player on the field at times during the exhibition season and why he hasn't been playing is a mystery. About time on Huff. From watching the games the last several weeks it seems he wasn't playing anyway. If Hall wants to give that cushion, let Johnson play. If he gets burned so be it. We aren't stopping anybody anyway. I would just like to see JRuss check off to a secondary receiver when the primary target is covered instead of blindly slinging it into coverage anyway. Running a route where you decide who you are throwing it to before you break the huddle works fine if you know your guy can get open. We don't have a guy like that -- unless its Walker on the 2nd play of the game, to do nothing else for the rest of the afternoon. WTF? Play Watkins and Schilens and Miller. Go Raiders.