Monday, October 13, 2008

The Christmas Grinch Arrives Early for the Oakland Raiders

Some people never learn. Take John Herrera for instance. John is perhaps the top Al Davis henchman, vigilantly standing guard for any affronts to the Oakland Raiders organization.

John must be thinking that his attitude has worked just fine for however many years he has been with the Raiders. Therefore, there's no reason to change, despite being outted as a tough guy wanna be in the Raiders media room just a few short weeks ago.

Underlying a big problem with Raiders organization, John Herrera answers to no one but Al and therefore, has the flexibility to exert his poor judgement. This bad business model is one of the main reasons the franchise is in such steep decline in the front office as much as it has been in the standings.

According to a New York Times article on 10-10-08, Herrera objects to Lane Kiffin and Jamarcus Russell staying in contact.

“That’s not a good thing. When somebody leaves any organization, they shouldn’t be meddling or trying to meddle. It’s not right and we will make some decisive decisions there as to how to deal with that.” Herrera is quoted as stating.

Sounds like the Christmas grinch arrived a little early this year. Hey Mr. Herrera, lighten up. Loyalty cuts both ways. If people want to remain friends what is the threat to Raiders management?

"Meddling" is friendly advice. Deal with it Herrera. I mean, no one takes you seriously. Let's be real. Al just keeps you around as muscle because that is all you are capable of, trying to throw your weight around.

Jamarcus is a good vibes type of guy but the dark side of the force runs rampant at Raiders HQ. There's no escape from the black cloud of tension. Jamarcus is in a tough spot. Understandably, his frustration has been flaring up more and more as the weeks progress. When you're not winning, you don't need dumb, off the field distractions getting in your head.

Contractually, no doubt there is something forbidding conduct interpreted as detrimental to the team. Staying in communication with a terminated head coach could potentially become a more serious issue than it needs to be on top of the team's on the field woes, just because John Herrera feels like being a mean SOB.

It would be interesting if Al would have Herrera's back in this instance.

Al has wisely said nothing relevant about John Herrera's media room clown act. In my view, the Herrera incident comes second only to Sean Salisbury's cell phone episode at ESPN as the dumbest move by someone involved in pro football in 2008.

I guess we'll find out if Herrera or some other team representative, perhaps even Al himself, addresses the issue of Jamarcus staying in open communication with Lane Kiffin.

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