Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How Tom Cable rose above the Raiders head coaching candidates

Finally, some movement on ousting Lance Kiffin. The infant of a man has been distributed his flotation device.

Here are some thoughts on possible replacement candidates.

Rob Ryan

Probably ruined whatever chance he had by showing his unprofessionalism in front of a microphone. Too much of a regular guy and not enough savvy as a leader.

James Loften

He'll probably be a head coach at some point, who knows if it will be with Oakland. Apparently, Al does not feel Loften is the right fit for head man at this time. The players would most certainly see such a move as a little too convenient. If logic has any role in Al's decision, you want to keep your players in the right frame of mind (all eyes forward on playing the game). Moving Loften over may have created some controversy with the locker room. Just a guess since everything else about Loften speaks of a tough, get things done type of guy.

Paul Hackett

He has not been on the sidelines this season. His involvement with the team thus far has been in the film room. It would be a lot to ask for the guy to step into a head coaching role in stride. Both Al and Hackett have been around long enough to know that formula presents high risk to be successful.

Greg Knapp

He probably didn't want the job. Interviewing him was a formality, perhaps even more of a discussion on keeping things consistent. Knapp prefers to focus on what he is currently doing, which is managing the offense.

Tom Rathman

Not enough coaching experience, at least not yet.

Tom Cable

A safe choice. He has been low key throughout his time with the franchise. There is no disputing the offensive line has made great strides since he came aboard following a one year stint with Jim Mora Jr's Atlanta Falcons.

If you recall the Falcons were not an effective team under Jim Mora Jr. but not a complete failure. Atlanta led the NFL in rushing in Cable's one season, Just that stat alone goes a long way on the resume.

Cable's hiring would also emphasize the Raiders offensive strategy won't be changing. They still have a strong commitment to the run (as long as they have backs to carry the ball) and there are no disruptions as far as system, play calling, etc.

You may have been one of many who thought Kiffin was calling plays all this time. I disagree he ever had full latitude. He probably had his way some of the time but I would speculate the majority of plays were part of a game plan decided on in advance by the offensive coordinator. Kiffin had more decision-making when it came to special teams and managing the clock (which he did poorly).

Cable has good experience being offensive coordinator at UCLA for two seasons (2004-05) and serving as the head coach at Idaho for three years (2001-03). He also spent six years at the University of California, serving as the offensive line coach. he was also O-Line coach for Rick Neiheisel's Colorado Buffaloes.

Even though his only head coaching experience was with Idaho it shows Cable at least has knowledge of how to lead a staff and manage players. His Idaho stint may not have amounted to that much but I'm sure it helped.

I like Cable's demeanor a lot more than some arrogant Southern California boy who drives a Mercedes. What kind of Raiders coach would drive a Mercedes? A "me first" kind of guy which is what Kiffin is.

Cable's hire puts an interesting spin on the rumor that Knapp and cable are Seattle-bound following this season to join Jim Mora Jr's staff.

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