Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Can we just get this over with already? Al Davis says, not so fast. I'm enjoying this.

Let’s quickly rewind the flow of events as they transpired since Norv Turner was canned. Not that the Norv era isn’t relevant to the discussion but we only have so much time and space on the page.

Somehow, Art Shell and his dinosaur ways AND staff selections are installed to lead the team back to greatness. Or if we are to believe Al Davis, Art was supposed to “bring back the nasty.” To spearhead that effort, Aaron Brooks was awarded a nice financial package to be the QB. No need to rehash here how dreadful all of this worked out.

The question is, how did this happen? Any one of us (that includes non-Raider fans) could have looked at the resumes and concluded this was not the best fit. I don’t need to play Madden video games or fantasy football to understand personnel. Al made the most moronic decisions EVER in his history to cascade his franchise into complete disarray.

Things were in disarray prior to Art but the cascade was all Al’s doing. You would have to be completely out of touch with reality to think the moves just mentioned would restore the Raiders to so much as respectability, never mind greatness.

This partially answers my own question – how could it happen? The other part is, no one else would take the job. That is, no one with a clue would take the job. Al’s strange ways are not unknown to those qualified to be a head coach in the NFL. That’s why he found himself digging through the college ranks and not the upper echelon candidates of the college ranks (like say a Pete Carroll), the lesser experienced college ranks were being sifted through. Let’s add another level of obviousness to the equation. Al had no options for head coaching candidates other than people who had already interviewed but had not met Al’s Yes Man criteria (like Denny Green for example).

Of course, any rational thinking NFL team owner could find suitable head coaching candidates. There are plenty of coaches out there at both pro and college level who would be more than capable of doing the job. BUT, Al moves at a different pace than the rest of humanity (which could explain his longevity. If his body clock is slow, maybe time itself bends to his will and moves slower for him!). By the time Al is done finishing breakfast, the best candidates have been signed to other teams.

So Al goes after young candidates like Steve Sarkisian, offensive coordinator at USC. Not that Sark would have been a bad choice but look at his experience. What experience? There you go. Sark knew he would be out of his league and the last thing you need in that role is to report to Al Davis, the man who has his gun sights set on your demise the minute you meet him for the first time (unless of course you live to serve his empire).

Does Al want his head coach to succeed? Of course he does but you can bet when things don’t go right, you better fix it now or your career suffers. And you have to do it with no authority which is the Raider way.

Enter Lane Kiffin. Wet behind the ears and offering no credentials to be an NFL head coach other than bloodlines. But, Al is a genius. Al will show us how he can turn a 31 year old brat into a world beater head coach. Remember Nation, the greatness of the Raiders is its future. And for what it's worth, the Raiders are the greatest team in professional sports according to Al.

Alright, that's enough laughing you! This is serious business we got going on here.

Now that Kiff has laughingly painted himself as a clown who has no clue, any time he speaks it is redundant and stupid. Al won’t fire him just yet because that would fall in step with what people are waiting for. Especially so because that is what the media expects him to do. Even his death is taking eons because he refuses to cooperate with the laws of nature.

Everything has to be on Al’s terms or he won’t cooperate a smidgen. If it means sacrificing a few games or a playoff opportunity or the season, Al’s pompous pride wins the day.

So what does this tell you? It speaks the truth in that Al does not care a wink about you, the fans, the money you invest in being a fan. It means the concept of “commitment to excellence” is window dressing for “screw you but thanks for your support.” That’s what being a Raider loyalist has become baby.

While we’re all waiting for the axe to fall on Kiff maybe re-thinking any misplaced support of an arrogant little boy pretending to be an NFL head coach would help clarify reality. Lane Kiffin is laughing behind your backs Raider Nation. He just wants his 4 million salary and his spouting off to the media is clear evidence of that. He's got nothing else to do but stand there and pretend he's involved with the team. The really sad part for Kiffin is Al is going to make him crawl through the mud to get that payoff. That means, expect additional layers of lawsuits and junk muddling up another season and beyond.

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