Monday, August 4, 2008

Tom Walsh - how could Al not have known?

Just a quick question for Al since his judgement is held in such high esteem by the Raider Nation, how could you not have known Tom Walsh would be so thoroughly out of his depth? The reason I ask this question several years after the fact is because I just flipped through an Andrew Walter interview by Jerry McDonald of the Contra Costa Times where Walter lays the blame for his failures on poor ol' Tom's offensive system.

Not to say Walter's performance as a starter in 2005 did not suffer as a result of playing in Tom Walsh's system but he needs to own up to his failures. It hasn't all been a downward spiral for him but more or less, he has bombed as a pro - thus far. That's the reality of his situation. He has shown us less than stellar consistency at QB so if he gets in the game this upcoming season, he needs to show us a little something or get out of dodge.

Oh right, here comes the offensive line argument. Yea, the O-line has been worse than bad and yes, it is no small task to fend off an NFL defensive rush. It can cause confidence to implode. You can't do much if you are being sacked though ideally, great players find ways to make great plays. Though he has shown some flashes of something special Andrew Walter's overall mediocrity as an Oakland Raider just stares us in the face so if you miss that reality then you need to watch the games again.

The problem is it's hard not to be offended a little bit by Walter's smug arrogance in general. He had the same demeanor at Arizona State where he could do no wrong. Everything was somebody else's fault. Even when he was outplayed by the opposition, Andrew Walter walked on water - according to him.

As for Tom Walsh, yea, that would seem to be the smoking gun. Al Davis has no clue what he is doing any more than a fifth grader playing Fantasy Football does. You have to be kidding if Walsh's hiring as Offensive Coordinator was anything less than a no-brainer train wreck from the very notion of rousing Tom from retirement. Yea, I know this is old news by now but it's bad karma for the franchise that sticks with it (we are in California so we can talk about karma), adding to the black cloud, obscuring the silver lining (how about that for psuedo-poetic drivel?).

You can't just figure Al trusted Art Shell's judgement on this episode. Al does not work that way. Al hires his own coaches or if a head coach wants a specific guy in a role then Al will make that call. So this brings us to the elephant in the living room. If Al is so particular and such a control freak then how in hell did he miss that one so badly? That failure has driven the franchise into such a deep hole, recovery has been extraordinarily difficult ever since - to put it gently.

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