Thursday, July 10, 2008

The reason for this blog

I have been resisting the idea of a blog for some time but the thoughts have been building. Lately, I just have a lot to say about the Oakland Raiders - the most bewildering franchise in the NFL. So much has happened over the last few years to stir the pot. The Raider Nation really wants to know, what is going on already? Is this karmic payback upon Al Davis in his twilight days? The achievements and optimism that was so high during the 2002 season has been obliterated and forgotten because of the embarrassing loss to the Bucs in the Super Bowl. We still have not recovered from that loss. It is not ancient history. It is our albatross. Since then the franchise has been at rock bottom for much of the time and as stable as Al's legs (no offense intended. I don't think it's a secret the guy is not in spring chicken form). Off the field the news is rarely encouraging as well.

Still, I am looking forward to the upcoming season with the same sort of passion as everyone else. I wouldn't be a football fan if I was not stoked for a new season. The difference is I have tempered (or maybe lowered) expectations. The fact is it's hard being a Raiduhs fan these days. Maybe that's the real reason behind why I started this blog. If I keep it all in I won't cope as well with the flow of events. Let's face it, as fans we pay close attention to what goes on in the news. I know I read the wire almost every day and scroll through my Raider feeds and bookmarks for fresh material. The Raider Nation lives and dies all year along with our team, not just during the season.

This blog is one way to make my contribution to the Raider Nation cause. Good or bad, it is what it is. In addition, I will also be covering football history of the various leagues and other entertaining posts.

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