Monday, July 21, 2008

Culpepper's golden grin does not land him a job in '08

For all Daunte Culpepper's stature last season as a possible savior of the Raider offense, his play was marginal. His best day came against the worst team in the NFL last season (Miami). No one was impressed with Josh McCown either but he was rewarded with a 6 million dollar two year contract by the Dolphins who see him as an upgrade to John Beck (Who? Exactly).

Pep's problem is his ego. While he does have medical concerns, he has all the physical tools to be a solid veteran backup/mentor in the league. He would have been perfect in this role to Jamarcus Russell had he played his cards right with the Raiders but Pep's ego cannot withstand that notion, at least not while he still thinks he's a starter. Daunte blew a good chance to be a backup in Green Bay in '08 by declining their offer. He probably would have gotten a chance to be starter once Aaron Rodgers got hurt or played himself out of the job.

Pep can't handle the inevitable slide players endure as their age diminishes their skills. It happens to the very best and while Pep's best years are behind him, he is a fool for throwing away a chance to continue to be on an NFL roster. The fact is, teams need strong backup QBs who will inevitably get in the game. Why should he care he is not named "starter" off the bat.

I lost respect for Pep a long time ago for various reasons, primarily his arrogance and foolish decisions. For instance, foot racing Stanford Routt in a Raiders practice and damaging a quad muscle as a result. That's just brilliant Pep, have a foot race with a world class track athlete. Or how about throwing a tantrum and protesting like a baby when Trent Green was brought in to compete for the Miami job with him in '06?

Bottom line is Pep is just like so many other bling'd out pro athletes who think they really are superior based on their contract of the moment or past achievements when their bodies were younger and more capable. Pep is gifted with an NFL arm and other physical attributes which make him a serviceable QB if he would just lower his expectations a bit, he would land himself a gig.

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