Saturday, July 26, 2008

Al is outclassed by the Patriots - again

It must be a familiar feeling by now to Al Davis, overspending on an unproven talent and then being financially saddled with that player in a media griping match when standards for greatness are not met by the player. In this case, it is Lamont Jordan being snapped up quickly by New England hours after being waived. That says something, even though this is nowhere near an impact as a Randy Moss trade, it is a fitting end to the drama. This indicates the Pats believe they can peel away the negatives he has accumulated as part of the Raiders franchise and see if they found a serviceable talent in Lamont Jordan.

We already know in Raiderland that Jordan is not a full-time ball carrier. The Saints or Lions would be disappointed if they tried to use him that way. He's a backup so this move by the Pats tells us how badly they needed to spell Laurence Maroney, especially in the pre-season. That's not a bad gig for Lamont but he'll have to bust his hump to make that team. His fitness will come into play and whether his injuries have mounted enough to really slow him down as much as it appeared to during his time as a Raider.

It's an easy gamble though for the Pats. It's not like Lamont is that valuable if he does not pan out. It is displaying it in full view of Al's face that is the msssage. They are saying we're not even going to give you a low draft pick and there is no way we are picking up his 4 million salary. We'll just re-sign him for what we want to pay him THEN, we'll visit you on your home field December 14th 2008 and beat you with this player as we rest our first stringers for the playoffs.

See ya, nice not doing business with ya.

Al was so decisive in making sure a divisional foe would not pick up LJ that he forgot about the Pats or maybe he knew and realized what was happening but could do nothing about it. Perhaps he was openly being tooled all along.

Unfortunately for the Raiders, situations like this always lead back to the jilted guy coming back to haunt his former team. Even if that is his only good game of the season or the last of his career, it is destiny in the making. That's just how it is.

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